Barebabe goss

May 12, 2016

Remmy the founder of @newmoonco is a qualified Nutritionist currently studying Naturopath. Barebabe spends 5 mins with Remmy to get an insight on balancing being a boss babe and student. We also get her to spill her beauty tips of course💕
Tell us a little about how New Moon began?
New Moon Co. began towards the tail end of finishing my nutrition degree in 2015, I wanted New Moon Co. to be unique and share information that was a little different (a slightly weird, dark and gloomy style to my social media).  As time went on I worked a lot one on one with clients helping them with their nutrition, but as time has moved I have focused more so on sharing really cool content, doing consults, working on hormonal imbalances and of course products. I’ll be a naturopath next year, which will equal to a total of 8 years in the books #unilife 
This will be the time I open my first clinic, something I have dreamt about and worked towards my whole career as a nutritionist, I have big plans for New Moon Co. as a Naturopath, specialising in the younger generation and really making natural medicine a way of the future. 
We see you have just launched a new product CONGRATULATIONS! Tell us alittle about your range and how barebabes can get there hands on your products?
So, I’ve always been a super visual person, I love branding and seeing a product come to life. At this stage I have a magnesium oil and a Dream Mist. The Dream Mist is a pillow spray which contains herbs that relax and soothe the body as well as promoting a more tranquil sleep. 
I now have a morning mist called When Morning Dawns coming to the public in approx 1 month, I’m super excited about this one as it has a ton of herbal extracts along with some vitamins and other fruit extracts that is directly sprayed onto the face. 
To get my products you can get them from my website and have them posted to you!
Running your own business and studying would be a juggling act. What advice do you have for busy women who are lacking energy and balance and need to take 5 for a little self love?
For me it’s all about passion, once you find that o
ne thing you love doing (even if you didn’t get paid), that’s when you know it’s the right thing to do. It does not matter how old you are, where you are in your life you can always change paths and truely fulfil your soul. That’s how I juggle things in my life, to me there is no other option than to follow this path. I not only run a business and study I work for a small business which takes up the majority of my time, which I absolutely me I just love the things I have implemented in my life and they balance each other out. My advice is to fill your life with these things, every part of your life should benefit you, then there is less cravings for ‘balance’ 
Being busy has become some kind of achievement, when in reality we should only be busy in the things we love, if you don’t love it - lose it! 
One thing I do for myself, is I make it to the gym every morning, for myself no matter what. I may go there just to stretch or do a light workout...but this is my time and I don’t miss it. That is 100% my self love! 
If you are lacking energy from diet (come see me haha) 🌿
Your skin is AH-mazing 💕 btw we have major freckle envy. What are your fave skincare must-haves? 
Well, my skin regime is very very basic. I use the medik8 cleanser and moisturiser and I wash my face with warm water never hot. I use a vitamin c mist in the mornings (soon to be my product) and the bare babe exfoliating mask...that is it! I don’t fuss over skin I think it should be minmal, I eat right and I drink my water. 
I am vegetarian and don’t eat yoghurt, so this also helps with my skin as I have learnt what my skin does not agree with, particularly most dairy. Listen to your skin, your blemishes they all mean something! I am big on face mapping and hormones, keeping in tune with your body and the foods I eat is the way I monitor my skin.
Lastly the question on everyone’s lips, what do you love most about Barebabe coffee and coconut exfoliating mask? 
I love the activated ingredients in bare babe, I can literally tell the difference in my skin the moment I apply it. I love the texture and how evenly it can be applied to the skin, it truely is a beautiful product and I am so glad to have found it.